Friday, April 3, 2015

Stupid Relationships


Day 19 of the blogger life

A few days ago my best friend, Ashley, decided to tell me that she had her first kiss already. TWO WEEKS AGO.

I just can't believe that she decided to tell TWO WEEKS after she had the kiss. Well, probably because I hate the guy she's in a relationship with.

He's a sophomore and a dickhead. He's a douche according to everyone, and last year I overheard him talking shit about me behind my back. I HATE HIM.

I don't know why Ashley won't listen to me. And he is so touchy towards her, it's so nasty. Like when I'm having a deep conversation with her, he would just come and touch her. I once saw him chin grab her, what the heck. So flipping weird.

ANYWAYYYSSSS, Vickie and I now are on good terms....I think. I don't know honestly, sometimes I would just be done with her and sometimes she can be real sweet.

Well, I really ship her and this guy name Eric. It absolutely adorable. The other day, I was volunteering with Ashley and Vickie and she was talking to Eric. She was kidding round when she told him to bring her a Starbucks drink to the place where we were volunteering. And he actually came! AAAAHhhh my heart can't handle this. Plus, he's a sophomore.

I also realized that I'm the only one left who didn't get hit on yet by a sophomore....


Ev out

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