Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Woah, typical


Day 20 of the blogger life

So many things happened in the last two weeks, hectic.

I made in to the first cut of yearbook, and I did my interview, now I'm waiting for results.

And the weirdest things happened to me, boys. I never thought I would attract any boy at all in my high school years.

I found out this guy named Drake likes me. We have math class together, that's how we got close. I suspected that he liked me about two weeks ago already, but just recently it was confirmed. He asked Vickie and Eric for tips, and then Vickie told me. Awkward, because I'm not really interested. I had a very slight feeling for him before, but now I'm just kinda freaked out. But Eric somehow convinced Drake that he should not go for me, so it's all good now I guess. Although, I always feel freaked out whenever he does something for me now. Like letting me borrow his jacket, opening the door for me, and etc..what do I do.

And then there's this other guy named Jesse.

Lets start from the beginning. So, in the beginning of the school year, my friend Ryan introduced me to a new student, Jesse. We didn't talk throughout the year though, we were just acquaintances. Jesse hung out with this guy named Bernard. Knowing Bernard, he is always screaming out weird stuff, so you won't know whether to believe him or not. Whenever I walk past their group/table at school, Bernard would scream out that Jesse thinks I'm hot, I didn't believe him though. And this happened for months, but I didn't really pay mind into it.  Then one day, when I was walking with Phillip and Vickie, we past their group and Bernard again shouted that Jesse thinks I'm hot. Not knowing that this happened on occasion, Phillip and Vickie freaked out.

They thought what Bernard said was true, but of course I denied it. Then for weeks, they would always tease me about Jesse, awkward. Vickie has English class with him, so she decided if it was all true or not. She asked how hot he rated me on a scale of 1-10, and he said 7. So now, it's super super awkward because Phillip, Vickie, and Ashley is trying to push us together. THEY EVEN GAVE HIM MY SNAPCHAT, AND HE ADDED ME. We don't even talk.

Now whenever I walk past Jesse's group, his friends would always call out Jesse because I'm near. And it's so awkward between me and Jesse now. A few days ago, I was just hanging out with Bernard and he told me that Jesse was always talking about me. And he said that Jesse wants the girl to start the conversations, and that he "doesn't like why guys always have to start." Pussy. When he was telling that to me, Jesse was out in the lawn. So I decided to tease him and I went to go sit with the group. Of course I started the conversation. And he was super super shy, although everyone says he's the outgoing one. By the way, he has a twin. I decided to make it more awkward, so I just looked at him for five minutes straight, making it noticeable. He would glance up and look at me, then when back to do his homework. I basically spoke most of the time, it was pretty funny. And now I'm also kinda freaked out by this because I barely talk to him, my friends are pushing, and it's super awkward right now...He's kinda cute though, but I don't like him. Eh.

So here I am, ranting like any 15-year-old about boys and high school life.

Ev out

Friday, April 3, 2015

Stupid Relationships


Day 19 of the blogger life

A few days ago my best friend, Ashley, decided to tell me that she had her first kiss already. TWO WEEKS AGO.

I just can't believe that she decided to tell TWO WEEKS after she had the kiss. Well, probably because I hate the guy she's in a relationship with.

He's a sophomore and a dickhead. He's a douche according to everyone, and last year I overheard him talking shit about me behind my back. I HATE HIM.

I don't know why Ashley won't listen to me. And he is so touchy towards her, it's so nasty. Like when I'm having a deep conversation with her, he would just come and touch her. I once saw him chin grab her, what the heck. So flipping weird.

ANYWAYYYSSSS, Vickie and I now are on good terms....I think. I don't know honestly, sometimes I would just be done with her and sometimes she can be real sweet.

Well, I really ship her and this guy name Eric. It absolutely adorable. The other day, I was volunteering with Ashley and Vickie and she was talking to Eric. She was kidding round when she told him to bring her a Starbucks drink to the place where we were volunteering. And he actually came! AAAAHhhh my heart can't handle this. Plus, he's a sophomore.

I also realized that I'm the only one left who didn't get hit on yet by a sophomore....


Ev out