Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Year..kinda?


Day 16 of the blogger life

Happy New Year???

It's currently February.

So I recently finished finals...and I got some decent scores on them. But it didn't bring up my Bs to As, so there goes my 4.0 GPA goal. sigh

New semester, new goals? Still trying to work it out.

Vickie is still getting on my nerves at times. Her breathe smells bad too. Oi.

My mom just put in a piano in our house last week. So now I'm just going to try and learn by myself by watching videos and shiz.

Dad is still saying pretty mean things.

When you're surrounded by people and your mind knows that they love you but your heart doesn't, it kinda sucks.

Sometimes my dads words would impact me more than his actions and I just wish it would stop.

I'm also sick of being the "dumb" one.

There's always a weird, loud, crazy, and stupid person in a group of friends. And I guess that's me.
Sometimes it's nice to be the jokester and making everyone laugh, but being labeled stupid isnt that great at all.

All my friends think I don't try at school and work, but I do, I do study, I do work, and I do try.

Whatever. I just want everything to end all ready

I found some great songs lately, so I'm just going to list a few..

What So Not - High You Are (Branchez Remix)

1975 - She Way Out


Empire of the Sun - Walking on Dreams

This is the Life - Passion Pit

and yeahh. Rant over?

Ev out