Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Woah, typical


Day 20 of the blogger life

So many things happened in the last two weeks, hectic.

I made in to the first cut of yearbook, and I did my interview, now I'm waiting for results.

And the weirdest things happened to me, boys. I never thought I would attract any boy at all in my high school years.

I found out this guy named Drake likes me. We have math class together, that's how we got close. I suspected that he liked me about two weeks ago already, but just recently it was confirmed. He asked Vickie and Eric for tips, and then Vickie told me. Awkward, because I'm not really interested. I had a very slight feeling for him before, but now I'm just kinda freaked out. But Eric somehow convinced Drake that he should not go for me, so it's all good now I guess. Although, I always feel freaked out whenever he does something for me now. Like letting me borrow his jacket, opening the door for me, and etc..what do I do.

And then there's this other guy named Jesse.

Lets start from the beginning. So, in the beginning of the school year, my friend Ryan introduced me to a new student, Jesse. We didn't talk throughout the year though, we were just acquaintances. Jesse hung out with this guy named Bernard. Knowing Bernard, he is always screaming out weird stuff, so you won't know whether to believe him or not. Whenever I walk past their group/table at school, Bernard would scream out that Jesse thinks I'm hot, I didn't believe him though. And this happened for months, but I didn't really pay mind into it.  Then one day, when I was walking with Phillip and Vickie, we past their group and Bernard again shouted that Jesse thinks I'm hot. Not knowing that this happened on occasion, Phillip and Vickie freaked out.

They thought what Bernard said was true, but of course I denied it. Then for weeks, they would always tease me about Jesse, awkward. Vickie has English class with him, so she decided if it was all true or not. She asked how hot he rated me on a scale of 1-10, and he said 7. So now, it's super super awkward because Phillip, Vickie, and Ashley is trying to push us together. THEY EVEN GAVE HIM MY SNAPCHAT, AND HE ADDED ME. We don't even talk.

Now whenever I walk past Jesse's group, his friends would always call out Jesse because I'm near. And it's so awkward between me and Jesse now. A few days ago, I was just hanging out with Bernard and he told me that Jesse was always talking about me. And he said that Jesse wants the girl to start the conversations, and that he "doesn't like why guys always have to start." Pussy. When he was telling that to me, Jesse was out in the lawn. So I decided to tease him and I went to go sit with the group. Of course I started the conversation. And he was super super shy, although everyone says he's the outgoing one. By the way, he has a twin. I decided to make it more awkward, so I just looked at him for five minutes straight, making it noticeable. He would glance up and look at me, then when back to do his homework. I basically spoke most of the time, it was pretty funny. And now I'm also kinda freaked out by this because I barely talk to him, my friends are pushing, and it's super awkward right now...He's kinda cute though, but I don't like him. Eh.

So here I am, ranting like any 15-year-old about boys and high school life.

Ev out

Friday, April 3, 2015

Stupid Relationships


Day 19 of the blogger life

A few days ago my best friend, Ashley, decided to tell me that she had her first kiss already. TWO WEEKS AGO.

I just can't believe that she decided to tell TWO WEEKS after she had the kiss. Well, probably because I hate the guy she's in a relationship with.

He's a sophomore and a dickhead. He's a douche according to everyone, and last year I overheard him talking shit about me behind my back. I HATE HIM.

I don't know why Ashley won't listen to me. And he is so touchy towards her, it's so nasty. Like when I'm having a deep conversation with her, he would just come and touch her. I once saw him chin grab her, what the heck. So flipping weird.

ANYWAYYYSSSS, Vickie and I now are on good terms....I think. I don't know honestly, sometimes I would just be done with her and sometimes she can be real sweet.

Well, I really ship her and this guy name Eric. It absolutely adorable. The other day, I was volunteering with Ashley and Vickie and she was talking to Eric. She was kidding round when she told him to bring her a Starbucks drink to the place where we were volunteering. And he actually came! AAAAHhhh my heart can't handle this. Plus, he's a sophomore.

I also realized that I'm the only one left who didn't get hit on yet by a sophomore....


Ev out

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Why is this happening?


Day 18 of the blogger life

This is week has been so hectic, but thank god spring break just started.

I had a 10-page research paper due on Thursday, turn in my applications for next year's classes, and ZAYN LEAVING ONE DIRECTION.

I seriously had a break down on Tuesday. I went into the yearbook room at school that day to start my yearbook spread, which was due on Friday. I was super stressed out cause of everything going on and I only had a few days to complete it.

The yearbook staff told everyone, who was trying out for designer, to use a software called indesign to create the spread. How can you just expect someone like me to create a spread out of a software I never used before? It's like asking someone who never used photoshop before and telling them to edit Chuck Norris's head on a camel.

So when I was in the room, I just sat in front of the computer confused and not understanding anything. Not wanting to admit that I was confused, I just said I cant work in this condition right now, which was part true. It was loud, I was tired, and I needed everything to just stop. So I said it's too loud and I couldn't work right now. Two people from the staff didnt even let me finish my sentence when I was going to say I only had 3 hours of sleep that night, and they said I shouldn't be in yearbook. I said I was going to work at home and download the trial on my computer to work. But being the fucktards they are, they just simply told me that if I cant work in loud conditions, I shouldn't be part of the yearbook staff.

The yearbook staff was known to be being harsh towards the freshmen class, assuming that the freshmen cant handle the workload and that they didn't know or have experience to be part of the staff.

I understood that I was a freshman, but what they said was quite mean and unnecessary. Also, I do have experience. I was part of the yearbook staff in my middle school years, took a photoshop class, a photography class, and I enjoyed art all my life.

After they said that, I just left the class and went back to the place where I usually hang out with my friends. And I just started crying. Everything was hard and stressful, knowing this, I would probably hate my life more in the future. I just cried about what happened and let out all the stress I had. I cried about the research paper that I didn't start yet which was due in two days.

It was probably my PMS or the pills that my doctor prescribed to me, but I just felt tired and needed everything to stop. That night, I gave myself this pep talk, telling myself that I could do this, I can get through this, I can finish this. So I started my essay and finished that night.

I spent an hour watching tutorials of how to use Indesign, and just created my spread. Indesign is now in the palm of my hand.

So the next day, Wednesday, I felt great. Although I only had about 4 hours of sleep because I finished all my work and I'm ready. While I was walking to school, I get a notification from twitter, One Direction saying that they have a statement.

Knowing what is going on with Zayn Malik right now (He took a break off the tour for a little bit due to stress), I check to see what was going on. And right there and then, I dropped everything and just broke down.

It said that Zayn was leaving the band. I walked to school crying. March 25, 2015. The worst day of my life.

I just cried throughout that whole entire day. Many said I was being dramatic and stupid for crying over a group of boys I never met before. But this was different, they made me happy. One Direction allowed me to discover new friends and just meet new people in the Directioner community. I even made a friend in the UK, we facetime, talk, and just send each other funny pictures.

I spent about 4 and half years of my life dedicated to One Direction. I watched all their interviews, performances, and know all their lyrics to their songs. I love every single one of the boys. And finding out that one of them leaving the band is horrible, heartbreaking.

If boybands are stupid and considered girly, then why are sports teams any better? Is it because it's more manly? Its like a football fan finding out that their favorite player is leaving their team.

Zayn made me so happy. One Direction makes me happy. If Zayn leaves the band, One direction no longer exist. It isnt One Direction without Zayn. Realizing this, your band who you loved so much doesnt exist hurts, a lot.

What I hated the most was when people just says, "I told you so," and, "They will never be as good as the Beatles, go listen to them instead."

And that is correct, One direction will never be as popular as the Beatles, but it doesn't mean that nobody loves their music. People who say this probably don't even listen to the Beatles, and that is completely stupid. They don't even think this through all logically.

In the 60s, they only had one type of music. They didnt have techno, EDM, rap, or etc. All they listened to was what was going on, aka the Beatles. Both adults, teens, and children listened to the Beatles back then. Not having any other type music other than pop rock, blues rock, etc, they listen to the Beatles! The Beatles was basically the only music back then, thus creating the most popular, piece of history in the music world. I'm not saying that the Beatles didn't make good music, but if you think about it, what if you put the Beatles in today pop culture?

Would the Beatles be as popular today as it was back then? No, because today we have many types of music. Rock, techno, opera, EDM, and a bunch more of other genres. People who actually would love the Beatles today would be the small group who listens to old rock. They would not make it on to any of the radio stations who play Katy Perry all day. Everybody now knows what kind of music they enjoy and what they want to listen too. If you throw in a Rihanna, Usher, Tyga fan to the Beatles, would they actually like them?

Plus, the Beatles only stayed together for two years, yet One Direction is still a band ongoing for about 5 years so far. So this is why I get mad whenever someone says that One Direction will never be as good as the Beatles.

So now it's Saturday, this week is over and Spring break just started. I'm still sad about 1D, but now I'm currently stressed free about school. I just need to clean the house....

Ev out

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Going for some crazy shit


Day 17 of the blogger life

A bunch of shit is going on right now.

Everyone's picking out their classes for next year.

So I'm going for Spanish, English, Algebra 2 Honors, Chemistry Honors, Cross Country/Track, and Yearbook if I make it in.

Im going to try out for the designer section in yearbook.

Plus gonna try to be vice president for french club next year and turn it into french&vietnamese club.

too tired to type more. whatever.

I just want to do good and get into flipping college.

Sara Bareilles sings so good live.

Ev out

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Year..kinda?


Day 16 of the blogger life

Happy New Year???

It's currently February.

So I recently finished finals...and I got some decent scores on them. But it didn't bring up my Bs to As, so there goes my 4.0 GPA goal. sigh

New semester, new goals? Still trying to work it out.

Vickie is still getting on my nerves at times. Her breathe smells bad too. Oi.

My mom just put in a piano in our house last week. So now I'm just going to try and learn by myself by watching videos and shiz.

Dad is still saying pretty mean things.

When you're surrounded by people and your mind knows that they love you but your heart doesn't, it kinda sucks.

Sometimes my dads words would impact me more than his actions and I just wish it would stop.

I'm also sick of being the "dumb" one.

There's always a weird, loud, crazy, and stupid person in a group of friends. And I guess that's me.
Sometimes it's nice to be the jokester and making everyone laugh, but being labeled stupid isnt that great at all.

All my friends think I don't try at school and work, but I do, I do study, I do work, and I do try.

Whatever. I just want everything to end all ready

I found some great songs lately, so I'm just going to list a few..

What So Not - High You Are (Branchez Remix)

1975 - She Way Out


Empire of the Sun - Walking on Dreams

This is the Life - Passion Pit

and yeahh. Rant over?

Ev out