Sunday, November 16, 2014



Day 13 of the blogger life

It's a Sunday night, 8:41 pm, and Sam Smith is playing. I am currently waiting for my grandma, aunt, and uncle to come back from the airport. They're returning from Texas.

My aunt and grandma went to Texas over the summer for a vacation, just for three weeks. But my grandma had an asthma attack, so they stayed there for a few months. As I said, they're coming home tonight.

As much as I really hate to say this, my grandma is going to die soon. And I wish she could stay here forever.

I was speaking with my cousin the other day about our family and ancestors. As we were discussing, I realized how much we don't know about our ancestors, even my grandma.

I never met my grandfathers, they died before I was even old enough to speak. I don't even know my grandmother's favorite colors. And that is horrible. I just wish that I can see my grandmothers more and get to speak to them about them and our ancestors. I want to know about my great grandmother. I want to know my family tree. I want to know where we came from.

I have about 40 cousins, and they probably don't know anything about our ancestors.

I'm planning to change that before it's too late.

Ev out

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Just An Update in Life


Day 12 of the blogger life

Not much has happened in the past 2 weeks...I was Lumpy Space Princess for Halloween, it's a character from a tv show.

Vickie is still being...a bitch. I'm just, done.

I just bought black and white paint, I'm planning to buy three canvases and try to paint again. I haven't been drawing a lot lately, well, for myself I mean.

Last week during French club, we we're talking about colleges. And I said my dream school is UCLA. Everybody "laughed"? I don't know. They said I wouldn't make it and I should stick with something practical, like PCC. The teacher said it was okay to dream, but to find something more practical. UCLA isn't my dream, it's my is University of Austin.

But I'm going to try my very best, and I WILL make it into UCLA. I will.

If I don't get in, I don't know what I'll do with my life.

I love art, and I would love to study it and be part of the art industry. It's too risky. You can't have a stable job in the art industry these days unless you have some sort of connection. I'm going to be in the medical field, for my parents. I vowed to myself that I will take care of the family in the future. But this is so hard and so much pressure. I don't know what to fucking do.

Ev out