Monday, October 13, 2014

Surprise bitch


Day 10 of the blogger life.

So a few days ago, my friend had found this private blog when I specifically told her not too. I told her I'm taking down this blog because of her...BUT I'M NOT. I just changed the URL, name, title, and design.

She lost my trust completely. And I don't think I'm going to be friends with her anymore. Lets call her V.

V had completely invaded my privacy. She was pissed at me too, and she had no right at all. I had said she had shitty music taste in my previous blog. But that was what I thought and felt during that time. She read all my posts, meaning that she had found out that I made myself puke over the summer. I am not proud of what I've done and I did not tell anyone, she had discovered one of my biggest secrets.

And she was being a total hypocrite. The day she had discovered my blog, she created one herself and put used a fake name for herself. Meaning that she did not want me to find her blog. Just like what I said, I don't want her to be snoopin around in my blog. Today, she spoke with me using phrases from my previous blog posts, and I was completely embarrassed.

She is not my friend anymore. And that sound so childish, but it's true. V created a 'fashion' blog and has been talking about it ALL of lunch and our period together. She's acting as if nothing happened at all.

Im just so done with her.

Anyways, update on highschool.

So far it's fine, my grades are all As except English which is a B. There's some cute guys, but I have no idea who they are, they seem like they're juniors or seniors...I'm just a freshman.

Homecoming is coming up, the theme is 'There's No Place Like Home-coming', Its suppose to be like a Wizard of Oz theme I guess. I'm skipping it since there's no other freshmen going and I don't have a date too. No one would asked me anyways.

I'm currently listening to the song Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root and it's giving me these really happy vibes, Iv'e been needing it lately. If you watched Matilda or Ice Age, you would recognize the song.

I also need to start on my health home work, ugh. There's this junior with really nice eyebrows named Dylan. I want his eyebrows. And I've decided I will be Lumpy Space Princess (LPS) from the tv show, Adventure Time. I need a purple tutu..

My most least favorite holiday is Christmas since it's coming up. I know that's crazy, "WHAT?!WHY??YOU GET GIFTS!" Well, I dont really care about receiving gifts, Im just worried about my family. My friends buyy me these really nice gifts every year and I try to do the same. But I'm broke and I usually have my mom pay for the gifts. This year was a bad year for my family, we've been behind on bills and such.

Of course, I want best for my family and friends, but this is part of the year where I dread most. My friends had been planning this Thanksgiving feast for us lately, I wish could participate, but I can't. We we're planning to just pig out together and make our own meals and everything, but I can't. Partially because of the whole V drama, and mainly that I couldn't even afford my own groceries. I cant afford even afford my own food. Wow. I don't want to bother my parents since they've been under so much pressure lately..

That's all I want to write right now.

Ev out

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