Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Day 7 of the blogger life.

Happy first day of October to everyone who is not reading this

So two weeks ago I went to my first concert, it was a One Direction concert. It was truly amazing. People of course don't understand the feeling. They think, "Wow, just another fan going to a concert, whatever." It's true, I am a fan that is going to a concert. But after loving them so much for 3 1/2 years, tweeting, stalking, knowing all their lyrics to their songs, it's just so emotional. I was pretty far from them, but watching them walk on to the stage singing live right in my very own eyes, I lost it. I was basically crying throughout the whole concert. No kidding, there was this woman who was recording me.

So after that, my love for them grew so much more. I was suffering from really bad PCD for like a week. So now I'm basically saving money for their next concert in LA.

My friends and I are planning to ditch homecoming this year and we were planning on what to do. So I had a great idea of going to a concert. But nobody THAT great was playing the night of homecoming, except for Charlie xcx the night before.

But the idea of concerts led me to just wanting to go to many concerts. Like Bastille is coming to LA soon and I want to go so badly. Their tickets are like 50 bucks so nada. I spent hours just looking through tickets for concerts and I stumbled across some of my favourite artists ever.

Smallpools is not very 'known' so their tickets are $30, that is crazy. That is so cheap too, because it's basically you buy the tickets then it's first come first serve. So that means you can get front row seat for 30 bucks. Unless you come really late, then you get a far spot.

Also, I found LP. She is a female artist. and for the concert when she's coming to LA, it is only 15 bucks. IT'S ALSO FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Isn't that so great!? None of my friends know about her, but I want to drag them along and have them listen to her voice. I suggest that y'all should listen to Night Like This by the way. So I went online and it say the tickets were sold out...ugh. I'm just planning to find someone and buy a ticket off of them so I can go by myself.

I wish I was rich. Heck, I would go to every concert.

Ev out

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