Monday, October 6, 2014

Bucket List?


Day 8 of the blogger life

What type of teenage girl's blog is it if there isnt a bucket list?

I don't tell people what I have on my bucket list because they often make fun of me...yeah it's kinda embarrassing. Many of the things I want to do are often so cliche or unoriginal. But I guess I'm just a typical teenage girl right?

1. Have my belly button pierced (this is kinda weird, hahaha)

2. Get a tattoo, although I'm too pussy to get one

3. Have the boy of my dreams ask me to go to prom with him.

4. Go to New York, watch broad way shows and shop at boutiques there.

5. Go to a fancy, special art gathering one day. at night

6. Perform onstage. Sing and play my guitar.

7. Go to a college.

8. Travel to London.

9. Go cherry/apple/grape picking

10. Learn how to DJ

11. Go to Disneyland by myself

12. Meet One Direction

13. Write a book

14. Learn how to play the violin

Can't think of anymore right now

Ev out

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