Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wtf drugs


Day 2 of the blog life.

I'm just here to have a new hobby. Improve my writing skills. And rant basically.

Today I'm just gonna rant about high school life and drugs? In my first period this morning, I have art. The vice principal and a cop with a dog came in. They come at least once a month, unexpected. Of course to do the check if there's any drugs that students have inside their bags.

Everyone moved to one side of the room and I just stood in the corner and waited. I saw this boy twitching his leg, moving around, and just had a worried look on his face. The dog barked and there was weed. It was in the boy's bag. He was sent to the office of course, although I don't know what happened to him.

So the event brought me to this topic.

Why are high schoolers even doing drugs? Especially freshmen. I assume they want to be 'cool' and it's fun being high. Do they even know what they are doing to themselves? Not only illegal, it brings harm to the body and stuff. 'Weed doesn't kill you, cigs do!' says every weed smoker in the school. Stupid. It's a DRUG.

I see girls do vape in the locker room. I see guys sprinkling weed on brownies during lunch. It's so disgusting, smells so bad. Where so they even get these stuff? Jesus christ. Honestly, I feel at some point in my life that I will smoke once due to peer pressure. I don't want that to happen.


Ev out

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