Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Day 5 of the blog life

Honestly I'm just going to rant here. 

My mom thinks I'm flippin anorexic. I'm not by the way.

Yes, I admit, lately I haven't eating as much as I was before. I just haven't been hungry? That's really weird but it's true. And I'm also doing cross country so she obviously thinks I'm trying to be skinnier.

Lately shes been yelling at my dad every time he would call me fat or something...

Here's a secret. Over the summer, my dad sometimes really got to me sometimes. Calling me fat, ugly, and he would just be really mean. And at some point I cracked and made myself puke. I was home alone.
After I did it, I was so disappointed in myself. I didn't eat THAT much, but in a week I managed to get over it and just continued life normally.

Yeah...I'm not anorexic.

Ev out

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