Monday, September 22, 2014

I wanna be famous haha


Day 4 of the blogger life

Ever since I started high school, the one thing always rushing in my mind, "What is going to happen in the future?"

Of course, about dating, grades, college, life. But I guess right now I don't need to worry about boys. All I need is good grades..? I want to take a gap year after I graduate. That wouldn't happen though because my parents would never allow that to happen. So second option is to go straight to a university after.

I want to go to a good school. Maybe UCLA, UC Berkeley, or University of Austin. UCLA will probably be ruled out since that's what everybody seems to want, and I'm not the smartest cookie out there. I also do not want to go to community college.

Maybe I'll study radiology? It's doctorish stuff right? I mean, everybody has to look whats inside of them, so you cant really lose your job? Maybe I also wanna be a doctor/nurse that gives ultrasounds to women. 

Getting good grades, applying for a college, figuring out what you wanna do in life is way to hard.
I want to be famous.

Heck, famous people have the best lives. Since everything in the world is based on money now, being a celebrity has it easy.
Ugh, I have no talent. Yet, the Kardashians don't either. 

How will I become famous? Definitely not leaking a porn video. 

My friends and I wanted to create a Youtube channel, hahaha. We created multiple ones because one after another keeps failing. They're names are Ashley and Vickie. If you use the first initial of our names and put it together, its make Ave. So we created 3rd Ave. Get it? Clever.

We didn't even post anything yet.

Whatever, thinking about this future stuff is giving me a headache.

Ev out

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