Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Freshman; Highschool


I'm a freshman and I started high school two weeks ago? This is so weird entering two different worlds at the same time. High school and the blog life.

Honestly I searched up straight from Google, 'How to be a blogger'. Of course all the professionals said to never create it on a free host. I guess it's risky, but I don't have any money and I probably won't 'update' a lot. But maybe this will become a new hobby, since I'm just some weird chick who doesn't know what to do with her life right now.

I've seen fashion blogs, ranting blogs, funny blogs, and a bunch of other stuff. I just want to do something personal I guess without having anybody know who I am too.

Anyways, back to high school. Its totally bizarre. Everybody, everything is so different. Different looks, different attitude, different life. Sluttier clothes, more 'popular' people, more work. Yet, I'm excited.

What average freshman wouldn't think, 'High school. Hm, new experience, fun'? Not going to lie, I think that too. Four years of changing, learning, and trying new things. So far, all I see are groups. Everybody seperated into their own little society.

Jocks, nerds, and etc.. typical.

I even saw this guy bring weed to school and sprinkled some of it on a brownie to make an 'edible.' Smells flipping disgusting.

High School is already killing me. 11:50 pm and I still have a bunch of work I have to do, yet I'm here trying to create this crappy blog. What the heck am I going to do.

No matter how much I say I hate school though, I love it. Education is one of the best things to receive and I feel so blessed to be one of the people to have it.

Must work on homework now...goodnight to the imaginary person reading this.

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