Saturday, September 20, 2014

cross country yo


Day 3 of the blogger life.

I have a meet tomorrow for cross country. Yes, cross country. 'Cross country is so lame!1!!!11 Easiest sport ever!1!' NADA.

It's the hardest and easiest. People often don't give cross country people much credit, its flipping hard. Many people joined the team just because they didn't want to take PE. I simply joined because I like to run.

Last practice we had to run 70 minutes straight nonstop. Go tell a football player to do that. Other people cant do what we do, and we cant do what they do. Simple. That's what I hate, people trashing this sport even though they cant run like us. So many people today would rather admire a football player or something than a person who is in cross country.

I love football actually, many people don't know that because I don't 'seem' like it. Ugh.

I think we're going to run for about 3 miles tomorrow?

Eh, whatever.

Ev out

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