Saturday, September 27, 2014

Music and shiz


Day 6 of the blogger life.

I listen to a large variety of music.

Techno, indie, jazz, etc..

It often depends what I feel like listening to and what I'm doing. For example, when I'm working out, I like to listen to rap lol. Or when I'm just relaxing and doing home work I would put jazz music faintly in the background.

Lately, I've been listening to techno a lot. Like EDM, chill, etc. A lot of my friends say I have shitty taste in music. They only listen to pop and the crappy songs on the radio that they play 24/7. People think I only listen to One Direction. But I don't. I do love One direction though.

I have a friend named Vickie. She thinks she has great taste in music. She doesn't. All she listens to is Taylor Swift or the Temper Trap. Honestly, the Temper Trap is great, but to me it seems she's only using that band as an excuse to show people that she has 'nice' taste in music.

My other friend Ashley has pretty good taste actually, but her range is very different from mine. She like country, oldies, and I got her hooked on some techno.

So here's the songs to my most recent playlist that I'm listening too right now.

Crave You - Flight Facilities (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

Up We Go - Lights

Slow Magic - Girls

Hermitude - Ukiyo

Live While We're Young - One Direction (Stripper Remix)

Riptide - Vance Joy (FlicFlac Remix)

Home- Gabrielle Aplin (Moritz Guhling Remix)

Love Club - Lorde (L D R U Remix)

White Tiger - Hippie Sabotage

Tennis Court - Lorde (Flume Remix)

Takeover - Village

Wild Child - WEKEED

Your Soul - Hippie Sabatoge

All these songs are basically chill techno. Here are some more songs I recently like.

Everything - Michael Buble

Beyond the Sea - Bobby Caldwell

Fireproof - One Direction

Dreaming - Smallpools

What You Know - Two Door Cinema Club

Believe - Christina Perri (Her latest album is beyond amazing btw!)

1901 - Phoenix

Girlfriend - Phoenix

Fire - Ingrid Michaelson

Your New Beloved - Lovelife

Night Like This - LP

Bridges - Broods

Manhattan - Sara Bareilles

Kiss with a Fist - Florence + the Machine

Take a Walk - Passion Pit

There's a lot more, but here's a couple. I dont even know why I did this. Nobody is ever going to read this. I'm so lame. Whatever.

Ev out

Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Day 5 of the blog life

Honestly I'm just going to rant here. 

My mom thinks I'm flippin anorexic. I'm not by the way.

Yes, I admit, lately I haven't eating as much as I was before. I just haven't been hungry? That's really weird but it's true. And I'm also doing cross country so she obviously thinks I'm trying to be skinnier.

Lately shes been yelling at my dad every time he would call me fat or something...

Here's a secret. Over the summer, my dad sometimes really got to me sometimes. Calling me fat, ugly, and he would just be really mean. And at some point I cracked and made myself puke. I was home alone.
After I did it, I was so disappointed in myself. I didn't eat THAT much, but in a week I managed to get over it and just continued life normally.

Yeah...I'm not anorexic.

Ev out

Monday, September 22, 2014

I wanna be famous haha


Day 4 of the blogger life

Ever since I started high school, the one thing always rushing in my mind, "What is going to happen in the future?"

Of course, about dating, grades, college, life. But I guess right now I don't need to worry about boys. All I need is good grades..? I want to take a gap year after I graduate. That wouldn't happen though because my parents would never allow that to happen. So second option is to go straight to a university after.

I want to go to a good school. Maybe UCLA, UC Berkeley, or University of Austin. UCLA will probably be ruled out since that's what everybody seems to want, and I'm not the smartest cookie out there. I also do not want to go to community college.

Maybe I'll study radiology? It's doctorish stuff right? I mean, everybody has to look whats inside of them, so you cant really lose your job? Maybe I also wanna be a doctor/nurse that gives ultrasounds to women. 

Getting good grades, applying for a college, figuring out what you wanna do in life is way to hard.
I want to be famous.

Heck, famous people have the best lives. Since everything in the world is based on money now, being a celebrity has it easy.
Ugh, I have no talent. Yet, the Kardashians don't either. 

How will I become famous? Definitely not leaking a porn video. 

My friends and I wanted to create a Youtube channel, hahaha. We created multiple ones because one after another keeps failing. They're names are Ashley and Vickie. If you use the first initial of our names and put it together, its make Ave. So we created 3rd Ave. Get it? Clever.

We didn't even post anything yet.

Whatever, thinking about this future stuff is giving me a headache.

Ev out

Saturday, September 20, 2014

cross country yo


Day 3 of the blogger life.

I have a meet tomorrow for cross country. Yes, cross country. 'Cross country is so lame!1!!!11 Easiest sport ever!1!' NADA.

It's the hardest and easiest. People often don't give cross country people much credit, its flipping hard. Many people joined the team just because they didn't want to take PE. I simply joined because I like to run.

Last practice we had to run 70 minutes straight nonstop. Go tell a football player to do that. Other people cant do what we do, and we cant do what they do. Simple. That's what I hate, people trashing this sport even though they cant run like us. So many people today would rather admire a football player or something than a person who is in cross country.

I love football actually, many people don't know that because I don't 'seem' like it. Ugh.

I think we're going to run for about 3 miles tomorrow?

Eh, whatever.

Ev out

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wtf drugs


Day 2 of the blog life.

I'm just here to have a new hobby. Improve my writing skills. And rant basically.

Today I'm just gonna rant about high school life and drugs? In my first period this morning, I have art. The vice principal and a cop with a dog came in. They come at least once a month, unexpected. Of course to do the check if there's any drugs that students have inside their bags.

Everyone moved to one side of the room and I just stood in the corner and waited. I saw this boy twitching his leg, moving around, and just had a worried look on his face. The dog barked and there was weed. It was in the boy's bag. He was sent to the office of course, although I don't know what happened to him.

So the event brought me to this topic.

Why are high schoolers even doing drugs? Especially freshmen. I assume they want to be 'cool' and it's fun being high. Do they even know what they are doing to themselves? Not only illegal, it brings harm to the body and stuff. 'Weed doesn't kill you, cigs do!' says every weed smoker in the school. Stupid. It's a DRUG.

I see girls do vape in the locker room. I see guys sprinkling weed on brownies during lunch. It's so disgusting, smells so bad. Where so they even get these stuff? Jesus christ. Honestly, I feel at some point in my life that I will smoke once due to peer pressure. I don't want that to happen.


Ev out

Freshman; Highschool


I'm a freshman and I started high school two weeks ago? This is so weird entering two different worlds at the same time. High school and the blog life.

Honestly I searched up straight from Google, 'How to be a blogger'. Of course all the professionals said to never create it on a free host. I guess it's risky, but I don't have any money and I probably won't 'update' a lot. But maybe this will become a new hobby, since I'm just some weird chick who doesn't know what to do with her life right now.

I've seen fashion blogs, ranting blogs, funny blogs, and a bunch of other stuff. I just want to do something personal I guess without having anybody know who I am too.

Anyways, back to high school. Its totally bizarre. Everybody, everything is so different. Different looks, different attitude, different life. Sluttier clothes, more 'popular' people, more work. Yet, I'm excited.

What average freshman wouldn't think, 'High school. Hm, new experience, fun'? Not going to lie, I think that too. Four years of changing, learning, and trying new things. So far, all I see are groups. Everybody seperated into their own little society.

Jocks, nerds, and etc.. typical.

I even saw this guy bring weed to school and sprinkled some of it on a brownie to make an 'edible.' Smells flipping disgusting.

High School is already killing me. 11:50 pm and I still have a bunch of work I have to do, yet I'm here trying to create this crappy blog. What the heck am I going to do.

No matter how much I say I hate school though, I love it. Education is one of the best things to receive and I feel so blessed to be one of the people to have it.

Must work on homework now...goodnight to the imaginary person reading this.